2nd 4-Photon School in Würzburg

Post date: 20-Jun-2019 09:51:45

2nd edition of the 4-PHOTON School on the subject of “Quantum dots: from growth to fundamental properties”, was organized by University of Würzburg from 11th Feb to 14th Feb 2019. The main aim of the school was to address each aspect from concepts to the realization of novel quantum technology devices.

The scientific program was designed in such a way that a comprehensive 90-minute tutorial was delivered by the pioneers of the field followed by invited talks around same topic, 45 minutes each. This plan enables the early career researchers (ESRs) who are carrying out their PhDs, as well as the next generation researcher (Master students, research associates), to have an overview of the work carried out so-far and also state of the art in each field. ESRs from the 4-PHOTON project were not only attending the workshop, but also actively involved with poster presentations, mutual exchange with the experts attending the workshop, and outreach activities organized during the school. ESRs also participated in social events which help them to interact and exchange knowledge among them during the whole length of the school. This was organised by Würzburg ESR Piotr Andrej Wroński.

There were around 80 participants for this school including 4-PHOTON ESRs, students from other German universities and from abroad. On 14th Feb 2019 a social dinner was arranged for all the school participants and was attended by over 80 which included the entire 4 - PHOTON ITN network.

As an outreach activity, ESRs organized some interesting setups to show some simple experiments to address fabrication, measurements, simulation and applications. Around 15 high school students from Würzburg came to participate in this activity and it was very engaging.