2nd 4-Photon School

The Winter School on “Quantum Dots: from growth to fundamental properties” will be held at the University of Würzburg, Free State of Bavaria, Germany from 11th to 14th February 2019.

School Scope and Topics

    • Growth of III-V semiconductor QDs

        • Surface Physics

        • Growth Dynamics & Self-Assembly

        • Droplet Epitaxy Quantum Nanostructures

        • Single semiconductor QDs in nanowires

    • Optical properties of QDs

        • Nuclear spin effects in QD optics

        • Entangled Photons emission

        • Deterministic light–matter coupling with single QDs

        • Quantum dots in photonic crystal cavities

        • Nanoplasmonics

    • Electronic theory of QDs

        • Charged excitons and multiexcitons in QDs

        • Exciton spin-relaxation in QDs

        • Optical, magnetic and electronic dynamics in QD


Invited Speakers