Schools and Workshops


Droplet based Quantum Nanostructures and Devices - 2018

Quantum Optical Devices and Circuits -2019

Quantum Communication Technology -2020


Introduction to Quantum Information - end of 2017 - The school will introduce the basic concepts of Quantum Information, ranging from quantum communciations, to quantum computing and actual implementations and the road towards technological applications.

Quantum Dots: from growth to fundamental properties - 2018- The school will present an introduction to QD research embracing some of these most active areas including fabrication, optical proper- ties and electronic theory.

Nano photonics - 2019 - The school focuses on the use of wavelength-scale structures to control photon propagation and the interaction of photons with electronic excitations and spins in semiconductor QDs. Integration of such functions to Quantum Optical Circuits will be also introduced.